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A bit more about the event

Among all the festivals in India, the most delightful festival is Navratri

Each of the nine colourful nights is venerated to worship nine different forms of Goddess Durga(Maa Ambe). This takes place to commemorate the victory over humane vices to gain peace and prosperity.

Navratri is most commonly rejoiced by people from all communities in the typical dance form called Garba. Garba originates from the Sanskrit word “Garbhdeep”, an earthen pot generally known as Garbo. The Garbo symbolises the human body and the lamp inside signifies the divine soul.

Since 2013, Atmiya Youth Group has consecutively executed the magnificent legacy of celebrating this extravagant festival. Seeing crowds of more than 3000 people per night. We present this event as “Ratri Before Navratri”.

Having 6 successful years,

this year’s event will be commencing in Auckland City. This extravagant and exhilarating experience will be held on Saturday 15th & Sunday 16st of August 2023 at Mahatma Gandhi Centre, Eden Terrace, Auckland from 7:30 PM till midnight.

  • Ratri before Navratri, 2013

  • Ratri before Navratri, 2014
  • Ratri before Navratri, 2015

  • Ratri before Navratri, 2016

  • Ratri before Navratri, 2019
  • Ratri before Navratri, 2022
Atmiya Youth Community Centre.

A community centre is to be built at 28-30 Waiparera Avenue, Henderson, West Auckland. This centre will play a pivotal role in the social and moral upliftment of the West Auckland society and in turn the wider Auckland area. We are placing most of our focus on the young generation and young and growing families of Auckland.

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