Atmiya Youth Group is an integral wing of a New Zealand based non-profitable charitable organisation, Yogi Divine Society (NZ) Inc.

Atmiya Youth Group, is an association of growing  200 enthusiastic youth members who are sincerely dedicated and aimed at empowering and uplifting the culture and ethics of the young generation in New Zealand. 

Over the past decade, Atmiya Youth Group has actively conducted a large number of events across New Zealand. Youth seminars, adventure & outdoor activities, Cricket tournaments, Blood donation camps, Festival celebrations, and Counselling, to name a few. 

Atmiya Youth Group, an association dominantly active New Zealand wide is consistently organising an exhilarating Navratri event under the banner of Ratri before Navratri for almost a decade.

A selfless effort of approximately 150 youths has developed the reputation of this event with great success. The glory of this event is, all the proceedings raised are generously donated for a monumental Atmiya Youth Community Centre. Currently under construction in Henderson, Auckland by, Yogi Divine Society (NZ) Inc. This will be an investment for the betterment of future generation.